RT Journal Article
JF Proceedings of the 41st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2008)
YR 2008
VO 00
SP 88
TI Global Optimization of Water Distribution Systems
A1 Lazaros G. Papageorgiou,
A1 Kaj-Mikael Bj?,
AB Recently [1] presented a new model for the solution of the water distribution network problem. The model captured successfully the essence of the problem structure, but could not guarantee global convergence. This paper adds, to the current research track, a new model and method that can guarantee global convergence for the water network design problem. The contribution is important since there has not been any effort to find methods ensuring global convergence and the solutions found to several example problems in earlier contributions are not qualitatively established.
PB IEEE Computer Society, [URL:http://www.computer.org]
SN 1530-1605
LA English
DO 10.1109/HICSS.2008.184
LK http://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/HICSS.2008.184