RT Journal Article
JF Distributed Objects and Applications, International Symposium on
YR 2000
VO 00
SP 165
TI A Distributed-Object Infrastructure for Corporate Websites
A1 Henk J. Sips,
A1 Ihor Kuz,
A1 Patrick Verkaik,
A1 Maarten van Steen,
AB A corporate website is the virtual representation of a corporation or organization on the Internet. Corporate websites face numerous problems due to their large size and complexity, and the non-scalability of the underlying Web infrastructure. Current solutions to these problems generally rely on traditional scaling techniques such as caching and replication. These are usually too restrictive, however, taking a one-size-fits-all approach and applying the same solution to every document. We propose Globe as a foundation upon which to build scalable corporate websites, and introduce GlobeDoc, a website model based on Globe distributed shared objects. This paper describes GlobeDoc, highlighting the design and technical details of the infrastructure.
PB IEEE Computer Society, [URL:http://www.computer.org]
LA English
DO 10.1109/DOA.2000.874188
LK http://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/DOA.2000.874188