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AB <p><strong>Adjustments to Standard Delay WiMax Certification</strong> <div>According to <em>InfoWorld</em>, a set of clarifications to the standard for fixed WiMax that were released in November has held up the certification of the first official WiMax products. The industry group, WiMax Forum, will provide an update on product certification at the Wireless Communications Association International Symposium and Business Expo being held in late January in San Jose, California. Though it's possible some certifications will be announced then, the group can't commit to it.</div></p> <p><strong>Two Vendors Claim 'First' Pre-Standard 802.11n Chipsets</strong> <div>According to <em>InformationWeek</em>, Marvel and Broadcom both say they're ready to ship chipsets designed to increase bandwidth and make other improvements over 802.11g. In the wake of significant progress last month toward ratification of the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, the two vendors both claimed to be the first to market with chipsets that support the pending specification.</div></p> <p><strong>CIOs Under Pressure to Grow Businesses</strong> <div>A survey released late last month by Gartner Inc. showed that CIOs are expected to move beyond security and cost-cutting efforts this year and concentrate on making systems more externally focused to help businesses grow. The world-wide poll of 1,400 CIOs found that business expectations for IT have changed dramatically. A shift toward making systems more externally focused to help businesses grow customer relationships, improve competitiveness, and increase overall efficiency is expected to accelerate this year.</div></p> <p><strong>China Overtakes US as Supplier of IT Goods</strong> <div>After almost a decade of explosive growth in its electronic sector, China has overtaken the US as the world's largest supplier of information technology goods, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.</div></p> <p><strong>Cisco to Enter Consumer Electronics</strong> <div>According to the <em>Financial Times</em>, Cisco Systems plans to enter the mainstream consumer electronics market as part of its plan to expand beyond computer networking equipment.</div></p> <p><strong>IBM Messaging Tools to Connect with Major IM Offerings</strong> <div>Users of Lotus and Domino products will be able to connect with IM tools from Yahoo, AOL, and Google, and make Internet voice calls using technology from Siemens later this year, according to InformationWeek. In an announcement made late last month, IBM said that many of its commercial e-mail and collaborative applications will be able to connect with popular instant messaging products from major Internet vendors.</div></p> <p><strong>Record Bad Year for Tech Security</strong> <div>According to <em>USA Today</em>, 2005 saw the most computer security breaches ever, subjecting millions of Americans to potential identity fraud.</div></p>
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